Got A Chain Link Fence And A Dog? Learn How To Use The Fence To Your Benefit

If you have a dog, you probably love the fact that your chain link fence keeps them safe. However, some dogs love to bark at the neighbors or their pets on the other side of the fence, and some may try to dig their way to the other side. This guide explains how you can use your chain link fence to your benefit when you have a dog.

Obstruct the View of a Chain Link Fence

If your dog is barking at the neighbors they see through the chain link fence, install some reed or bamboo fencing on the inside of the fence. Follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Measure the side of the fence you want block.

Step 2: Go to the home improvement store and purchase the appropriate amount of reed or bamboo fencing. Additionally, purchase a few bags of zip ties.

Step 3: Set up the rolls of bamboo or reed fencing at the end in an upright position. Attach the end of the roll to the chain link fence with zip ties. Use one zip tie at the top, one in the middle and one on the bottom of the fence.

Step 4: Unroll the fence down the remainder of the chain link and attach the zip ties the same way as step 3.

Consideration: Rolls of reed or bamboo fencing are either four feet or six feet long. Simply attach a new roll when the first one runs out.  

Prevent the Dog From Digging Around a Chain Link Fence

If your dog is taken with another dog on the other side of the fence and is trying to dig their way through to them, place rocks along the edge of the chain link fence line.

Another option is to pour a line of concrete along the edge. To complete this job, follow these steps:

Step 1: Dig a trench a few inches into the ground along the fence line with a shovel or tiller.

Step 2: Purchase some bags of concrete mix and follow the instructions to mix it up in a wheelbarrow.

Step 3: Pour the concrete mix in the trench and allow it to dry. Keep pets off the area completely until it dries.

Call your fencing contractor for other ideas on how to obstruct some of the view of your chain link fence or for ideas on what to put at the bottom of your fence to prevent the dog from digging. Share this with others who are considering having a chain link fence installed. Contact a company like City Fence for more information.