Driveway Concrete Cutting: The Dangers A Jackhammer Can Cause

Do you need to use a jackhammer to remove the old concrete in your driveway? You may want to leave the job up to a professional because using a jackhammer can be harmful to your blood vessels. In this article, you will discover the dangers that a jackhammer can cause while cutting concrete and why you need to hire an excavation contractor.

What Dangers Can a Jackhammer Cause While Cutting Concrete?

A jackhammer is a powerful tool that makes use of gravity and vibrations to cut through concrete in your driveway. The tool moves up and down while sending strong vibrations throughout your body, which is dangerous to your blood vessels. The blood vessels can begin to spasm and get damaged from the strong vibrations.

It is dangerous for your blood vessels to spasm because they will eventually constrict and interfere with the circulation of blood. Once blood circulation has been limited, you can experience symptoms that include skin discoloration and pain. You may also begin to feel numb in the areas where blood vessels have constricted. The health condition from using a jackhammer is called Raynaud's phenomenon, which causes symptoms that can last for hours before you will feel better.

Why Should an Excavation Contractor be Hired for Cutting Driveway Concrete?

An excavation contractor will not be any safer than you when using a jackhammer to cut your driveway concrete. However, he or she will have the experience needed to handle the symptoms better than you can. The excavation contractor will also wear protective gear such as goggles and steel toe boots to stay protected as much as possible.

The excavation contractor will also know how to hold the jackhammer in a way to maintain control over it as the driveway concrete is being cut. Having control over the jackhammer will get the job done more efficiently, as well as prevent it from accidentally puncturing the electrical cord that powers it up. Puncturing the cord during the process of using it can lead to electrical shock and can be fatal.

Don't risk your blood vessels getting damaged by trying to cut the driveway concrete on your own. An excavation contractor like one from Concrete Coretech Industries will also be able to discard of the concrete so you won't have to. Hiring an excavation contractor is the way to go when you want to remove old driveway concrete fast so new concrete can be laid out!