Air Conditioning: How An Evaporator Coil Can Be Responsible For A Lack Of Cool Air

Does your air conditioner fail to release cool air no matter how long you have had the system on? There are a few things that can be wrong with the evaporator coil that is causing the air conditioner to run in an inefficient manner. A specialist can get to the root of the problem so the necessary repairs can be made for you to receive cool air.

How Can an Evaporator Coil be Responsible for a Lack of Cool Air?

An evaporator coil is the most important part of an air conditioning system because it is where cool air is produced. Although the coolant in the system is important as well, it cannot do its job without a functional evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is able to turn the system coolant into the form of gas. What the gas then does is cool down the metal of the coil so warm air can be cooled down when passing through the system.

An accumulation of dirt in the evaporator coil can lead to your air conditioner producing little to no cool air. The reason for the lack of cool air is due to the dirt acting as an insulator on the coil. Rather than touch the cooled down metal as air is passing through the coil, it will make contact with the dirt instead. The problem will exist until you hire an air conditioning specialist to inspect and repair the problem.

How Can an Air Conditioning Specialist Inspect & Repair an Evaporator Coil?

An air conditioning specialist will be able to use tools to gain access to the evaporator coil to inspect for dirt. He or she will also determine if there are any cracks in the metal coil. You may need a new evaporator coil if there are cracks that are unable to be sealed up. A dirty coil will simply be cleaned to allow warm air to make contact with the cold metal.

The specialist may also inspect the heat pump when investigating the problem. A heat pump can affect the amount of cool air you are receiving because it is responsible for removing warm air out of your home. If the pump is dirty and not functioning right, the specialist can clean it at the same time the evaporator coil is cleaned. You will have the comfort of an air conditioned home in no time after the specialist makes the necessary repairs! Be sure to click here for more information.