Four Types Of Backyard Fencing - And Why You Have To Be Careful Choosing!

Are you looking at your possibilities for designing a neat backyard fence to wall off your yard from your neighbor's? Read on to discover some of the choices that you have, and the pitfalls of making the wrong decision about fencing material.

Wrought-Iron Fencing

Wrought-iron fences are common at the edges of many homes and commercial properties. They're a traditional type of fence with an old-school aesthetic.

Some of the benefits of these fences have to do with how well they last and stand up to the elements. They can also give a property a very distinguished look. Metalworkers can create customized post tops, and other items like gate arches, that can really make a fence look good.

On the other hand, these aren't the best privacy fences, and, additionally, they can be pretty dangerous. Without proper topping, they can present sharp obstacles for passersby, and if parts of the fence break off, this can also be hazardous.

Chain-Link Fencing

You see a lot of this type of fencing in parks and around sports areas. It's a pretty durable kind of fence, relatively affordable, and a basic way to fence in an area.

Some of the drawbacks of these kinds of fencing involve height -- it's hard to build a higher chain-link fence. Also, they can get damaged or worn over time, in ways that can require expensive maintenance. They also don't offer visual privacy for your yard.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is, in some ways, the best of both worlds -- you get a natural organic material, and you get your privacy.

However, what you have to watch out for with wood fences is related to their permanence. You want to make sure that you have all of the zoning permission and other items in place before you start building -- because it's expensive to change the wood fence later. There's also the problem of maintenance, where these types of fences can really get into pretty shabby shape over time.

Vinyl Fencing

For a durable, private backyard fence, you can choose vinyl. It's a way to get the privacy that you need in a more affordable package.

But in case you think that vinyl is a no-maintenance option, guess again. Over time, vinyl can get colonized with mold or other materials that require pressure washing or other kinds of maintenance. Some of the pieces can get out of shape or fall off, which can require a little rebuilding.

The bottom line is that no type of fencing is perfect; you have to look at all the pros and cons to really decide what you want in your backyard.