3 Reasons Why Home Foundation Damage Occurs

If you live in a region that has a lot of rainfall, it can be a problem that affects the foundation of your home. This is why you must have a working draining system. It is crucial in diverting water far away from the foundation, and decreases the chance of having water damage. If you have ever noticed water pooling around your house, it could be a warning sign that there are problems with drainage in the following ways.

Clogs In Gutters

Your gutters will need to be installed properly with the correct slant so that they drain towards the downspouts. Even if installed properly, you must regularly clean out your gutters in order to prevent water from building up inside them. This can be due to debris and dirt that hardens over time, which prevents water drainage.

Gutters that are completely clogged will cause water to overflow and pool against the foundation of your home. If you have a big problem with debris and dirt in your gutters, consider installing gutter guards that keep everything except water out of them.

Clogs In Downspouts

Your gutters may be clean, but all that debris and dirt could be collecting in the downspout and prevent the water from draining. If the clog is that bad, the easiest way to clear it out is with a hand operated sewer snake. It will help agitate the debris so that it will finally come out. You will also need to use a garden hose to flush water through the downspout. Just get ready to clear out debris that will come out through the bottom.

Lack of Drains

If your home is located at the top of a hill, it uses gravity to force the water away from your home's foundation. If you home is located near the bottom of an incline, all that water is most likely going right towards your home! You will need to have drains installed that help direct the water elsewhere, or else the water will seep through the soil, pool against your foundation, and cause cracks.

Hiring a contractor (such as one from Abalon Construction) will be necessary to install a drain system if your home does not have one. If you do have a drain system, you have to make sure that it is working properly. Most drainage systems lead to a pit located far away from your home, or a nearby water source. It must be checked for clogs just like your gutters and downspouts.

By being aware of why foundation damage occurs, you can prevent it from happening to your home.