3 Ways To Protect Upholstered Furniture During A Move

Moving can be exciting, but it can also be highly stressful. Regardless of whether or not you use a moving service, the entire process will likely be expensive and time consuming. Many people attempt to save money and time by moving themselves and not hiring professionals. This doesn't always work out and can result in furniture and other personal possessions being lost or damaged. One of the biggest casualties during a do-it-yourself move is upholstered furniture. It is far too easy for the upholstery to be stained, punctured, or otherwise destroyed when it is being moved from one location or another. Follow these three tips that the professionals use in order to transfer your upholstered furniture safely.

1. Use Furniture Pads

Make sure that you purchase furniture pads for all of your upholstered furniture. These pads are designed to protect the furniture and keep the upholstery from being punctured by a sharp object. You can purchase furniture pads from moving companies or from hardware stores. Once you have the furniture pads, place them on and around your upholstered furniture. If the back of the furniture is soft or has some sort of upholstery over it, place a pad so that it is parallel to the back, using plastic wrap to secure it in place. Do this to all surfaces that have been upholstered, including the arms of chairs or sofas. If the furniture pads are too big for these areas, use a craft knife to cut them down to size. Secure everything with plastic wrap.

2. Avoid Putting Tape Directly on the Upholstery

If you decide to use tape instead of self-adhering plastic wrap or some other packing material, make sure that you avoid putting the tape directly on the upholstery. If you need to, wrap a piece of paper around the upholster and use that as an anchor for the tape. 

3. Put Bubble Wrap on the Legs

It's very easy for the legs of chairs and other types of furniture to be scuffed during a move because they come in contact with walls and banisters. In order to avoid this, simply use bubble wrap on all of the corners and legs of your chairs. The wrap will act as a buffer between the furniture and anything else it might come into contact with.

For more information and packing ideas for your personal belongings, contact Mid-West Moving & Storage Services Inc. or a similar company.