Renovating Your Home's Bathroom For Buyer Approval

If you want to renovate your home's bathroom so that you can get top dollar selling your home, then there are certain things that you must take to ensure that your renovation is successful. Here are some contractor-proven suggestions to make sure that your bathroom renovation is well received by your potential buyers:

The Walls And Flooring

Both the walls and flooring in your bathroom should be as neutral as possible. The neutrality gives potential buyers the ability to see their own items in the space and quickly be able to feel at home. Additionally, it does not offend their senses, such as can happen with wild paint colors, wallpaper products, or busy tile patterns.  

The Sink And Vanity Area

There are some wonderful vanities and designer sinks on the market. For your bathroom, your goal should be to provide all of the necessities and to give buyers space to place their toiletry items. For this reason, it is always best to install a vanity with a sink on top. Pedestal sinks can be very attractive, but buyers will struggle with their lack of space. 

The Shower Or Bath Area

The bathtub or shower area in your bathroom should be elegant and yet simple. Again, this is not the place to go wild with exotic tile colors or designs. Stick to a basic color palate which will allow your buyer to customize the space in any way they want. You should also opt to replace tile or surrounds rather than having them reglazed. While reglazing looks nice for a while, it can be a problem down the road for buyers with pets or children because they can be hard on the bathroom surfaces. 

The Toilet Area

Home buyers today are environmentally conscious and want to save as much money as possible on their utility bills. If your home has an older toilet that does not adequately conserve water, then you should replace it before listing your home. Toilets use up to 30% of the water in your home and a lower flow toilet can save thousands of gallons of water in a year. A low flow toilet is defined by the US EPA as one which uses 1.6 gallons or less per flush.

If your home already has a newer toilet installed, you should clean it so that it sparkles like new both inside and out. And, you should also replace the toilet seat with a seat that matches the color of the toilet.

While your home is listed for sale, you should stash the toilet plunger and cleaning brush in your garage. When a buyer is admiring your beautifully remodeled bathroom, the last thing that you want them to do is see the plunger and think that there is a lingering plumbing problem. Also, you do not want them to see the cleaning brush and be reminded that when they move in they will soon have the unpleasant task of cleaning their new bathroom.

Contractor Assistance

If your bathroom renovation requires contractor assistance, then you should contact a company like Nisby Home Renovations Ltd.