Why Should You Consider A Living Roof?

A living roof, also called a green roof, is one that includes different types of plants and vegetation. Aside from its beauty, it also has many other benefits. Consider the following reasons for having a green roof.

They Work With Most Types of Roofs

There are not many limitations as far as the type of roof you have or what slope it is. While living roofs were previously only installed on flat roofs, you can also get them for low-slope roofs. New technology and materials used for building these green roofs can even help you install it on a steep slope. Contact a roofing contractor if you have a high slope, since it requires a little more skill to be done. They are also excellent for both residential and commercial buildings. 

You Can Have a Roof Garden

While many living roofs are simple and don't have much more than vegetation and ground cover, you can also convert your living roof into a large roof garden. If you want people to be able to walk around on the roof garden and relax in it, you will need to add extra layers of roofing material so it can withstand the weight. Once that is done, the rest is up to you. Add your favorite selection of grasses, flowers and plants. Add a bench or two, a small picnic table, and even a barbecue pit. The options are practically endless with roof gardens.

They Provide Energy Savings

While the initial costs of installing the living roof are often higher than other roofing options, you may save money when it comes time to pay your energy bills. The ground cover and plants that are installed on a living roof can actually help to cool down your building, inside and out. If you struggle with high energy costs to cool off your building because you live in a hot, suburban area, you can use your air conditioner less just by having a living roof.

You Provide Cleaner Air

Do you live in an urban city that has a lot of pollution? If so, having a living roof can help. You can improve the air quality and increase oxygen with various plants and greenery. By planting a variety of them on top of your roof, you can increase the air quality for your own home or business, and others nearby. Encourage your neighbors to do the same thing, and your air quality will be much better.

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