Get The In-Ground Pool Of Your Dreams

If you plan to have an in-ground pool in your backyard, the ground must first be dug out to allow for the pool to be created. When having the ground dug, there is a chance that large rocks could be found in the ground. These rocks will not be easy to remove on your own. The following guide walks you through the process an excavating company will use to dig the hole for your in-ground pool.

Plan the Dig

The first thing that will have to take place is a discussion between you and the excavating company. You will need to tell them where you want the pool positioned in your yard and they will let you know if it can be done. There are pipes and wires that may be running through your yard that may cause you to have to choose a different place to place your pool. Also, it is important to discuss all charges that will be associated with the job.

Dig Out the Rocks

Next, all dirt must be removed from around the rocks so that the team can have access to as many sides of the rock as possible. A backhoe is often used to remove large amounts of soil quickly.

Split the Rocks

Next, small holes will be made into the rock using a drill. The holes will be positioned very close to one another so that the strength of the rock will lessen, making it easier to break the rock apart. A wedge will be placed where the holes were drilled and hit with a sledgehammer. The force will break off a small chunk of the rock. The process will be repeated until the rock has been broken down to small manageable pieces.

Removal of the Rocks

A worker will then use the backhoe to scoop up the broken bits of rock and place them into the back of a dump truck. The rocks may still be too heavy to pick up by hand, but the backhoe can support far more weight than any person can carry on their own.

Disposal of the Rocks

The company will then dispose of the rocks at a rock quarry. This can cost a fee, but the cost should be included in the initial estimate the company gave you.

Digging the Pool

Finally, the contractors will be ready to remove the dirt from the area so that the pool can be created. If you plan to have a deep and a shallow end to your pool, the contractors will dig the ground so that one area is deeper than the other area.

Once the pool is dug, a liner can be placed into the hole. The liners are often lifted and placed into the hole using a large crane. The liner allows you to start enjoying the pool much sooner because you do not have to worry about having a concrete pool created. To learn more, contact a company like KRS Contracting Ltd.