Welcome To Winnipeg - Everything You Need To Get A Building Permit For Your Dream Home

Moving to Winnipeg is exciting enough, but getting the chance to build your dream home makes everything much more exciting. You're probably raring to go, but before you get started you'll have to obtain the proper permits from the local zoning office. Here's a quick rundown of the documents you'll need to have before you can make your application.

Obtaining Your Permits

Before construction can get under way, the City of Winnipeg must issue you official permission to build your new home. If you're planning to have the construction managed by a contractor, he or she can take care of this part for you.

If you're doing things on your own, the process is still fairly simple. You need to bring two copies of your house plans, both approved by a certified engineer, to the local zoning office for approval, along with a filled out application for the permit. Be sure to call ahead if you have questions about completing the forms, since there are days when the office is open but the staff can't assist members of the public.

Permits for the home's plumbing and electrical work will need to be requested separately, each with a completed application and two engineer-approved copies of the house plans. 

Drawing Up The House Plans

House plans may sound a little vague, but the documentation the zoning office needs is actually pretty specific. Before your permits can be issued, you'll need several engineer-approved copies of the following documents:

  • Site plan: This illustrates the plot of land to scale and include any important landmarks.
  • Foundation plan: Details about the material you'll use for the foundation and its dimensions are depicted here.
  • Floor plan: The layout for your home's rooms should be listed here, along with materials used and important features of the home.
  • Floor framing plan: This document should have details about the type of floor and supports you plan to include.
  • Section plan: Insulation and wall details should be here, as well as the handling of attic space.
  • Elevation plan: Siding material, elevation of each side of the home, and outside fixtures like chimneys are depicted here.
  • Ventilation details: Homes in Winnipeg have to have a ventilation system drawn up by a professional engineer or other qualified contractor.

Details about the requirements for each set of plans can be found on the zoning office website, and you can also call or make an appointment to discuss your questions in person. Paperwork may not be fun to complete, but on the bright side, getting your permit means you can start building your dream home right away.