Closing The Gap: Dealing With Open Space Between Your Cabinets And The Ceiling

If your kitchen cabinets leave an open space between the top edge of the cabinet and ceiling, that doesn't have to be lost space. Although the proper placement of most retail cabinet designs puts them just short of ceiling height, you still have some options to address this. After all, the open space can be hard to keep clean and tough to put to use. Here are some ideas to help you deal with it.

Block It Off With False Panels

If the gap over your cabinets isn't large enough to be useful in any way and you aren't ready to do a complete renovation in your kitchen, the best option for you to address it is by covering it up. Attaching false panels to the top edge of the cabinets covers that open space.

Closing off the gap will help you avoid dust accumulation, saving you from having to reach up there to clean as often. And, when you add some crown molding to the top of the panel, it creates a cohesive look to your cabinet design. You can even have the false panels custom-built so that they fit the space precisely and match your existing cabinets.

Add a Row of Short Cabinets

One of the easiest things you can do is to fill the space with a set of short cabinets built precisely to that height. These custom-built cabinets can even feature the same face and hardware as your existing cabinets.

Not only is this a great way to create continuity in your kitchen, but it also eliminates the issues with dust accumulation in the space, because it's closed. You can use these cabinets as a great space for storing small appliances and dishes that you don't use very often.

Install All-New Custom Cabinets

Replacing the existing cabinets with custom cabinets from a company like Oakville Bath Centre may be your most comprehensive option. With this choice, you can have a whole set of new cabinets built to match the precise height of your kitchen from the mounting point to the ceiling.

This may give you more usable shelving, and it can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Once the cabinets are installed, polish off the whole renovation with some crown molding on the top edge for a smooth, flawless finish.

With so many choices to help you address that open space, you're sure to find something that works in your kitchen. Talk to a custom cabinet manufacturer about the best choice to make the most of your kitchen's cabinets and design.