4 Tips For Working With A Directional Drill

Directional drilling can be a great way to dig trenches without disturbing the surface of a site. For best results, attention must be paid to the drill and the drilling process so that no mistakes are made. Here are some tips that can help you work well with a drill.

Inspect Your Equipment Before Using It

Inspecting your drill and equipment before you use it every day is critical when doing any directional drilling project. If something goes wrong, you might cause a lot of damage and may have to do the entire project over again.

During the inspection it is very important that you focus on making sure the connections are tight so that nothing falls down into the trench as you're working. You also need to look for cracks and excessive wear and tear on the tooling so it doesn't break while you're boring into the ground.

Always Use Drilling Fluid

Some people believe that small projects don't need drilling fluid, but that is a mistake. Drilling fluid helps reduce the wear and tear on the tooling on the drill string and protects the drill pipe itself by minimizing friction. Therefore, always use the fluid to preserve the life of your drill and equipment.

Be Mindful of the Water You Use

Even if your equipment is in good shape, the wrong kind of water you use for your pump can cause a problem. For instance, if you draw water from a nearby creek or pond, sand and small rocks can flow into the mixing tank of your drill. If that happens, the entire pump could become clogged and full of materials that have to be cleaned out in order to ensure the drill can work properly. To avoid this, use a strainer system if you aren't sure that water is the only thing you could be picking up.

When Needed, Replace Drill Bit Teeth

If you're busy, you might not notice that the teeth on your drill bit are wearing down. However, sharp teeth tend to be more productive. Make a point of checking the bit teeth on a regular basis so that you can replace the teeth before they are completely worn down and interfere with your ability to do a good bore.

Use the tips in this article to help you as you work with a directional drill. If you run into problems or need assistance, consult a directional drilling company that can provide you with guidance so that you can complete your project. Click here for more info on directional drilling.