Improve Your Current Curb Appeal With Decorating Ideas For Your Metal Storage Buildings

A metal shed may be useful for storage and utility, but these convenient structures don't always mesh well with your property's overall curb appeal. Especially during holiday season, it may seem like your options are limited regarding interesting and tasteful ways to decorate these out-buildings. Try some of the following ideas to create themes and schemes that are cohesive with your home's appearance, and that bring a unique flair to your property:

Patriotic panache.

A great idea for your metal buildings during summer months is to give them a patriotic touch with recycled metal flags. Consider recycling metal roofing sheets or storm-door panels, and adding some paint to create a magnificent flag that will hang on the exterior wall of your metal storage building. Use a drill to secure wire to the corners of your flag, so that you can take it down when the seasons change, if desired.

Autumnal accents.

Give your storage building an autumnal flavor with a bit of harvest-themed stenciling around the doors and windows. Consider using stencils depicting ivy, pumpkins, or leaves, and a weather-proof paint to add a border to your plain metal buildings. This is easy enough for any layman or homeowner to do in a weekend.

Christmas creations.

If you want to give your metal building a bit of Yuletide cheer, consider creating a Christmas theme that incorporates your metal building. Try some of the following ideas for a quick and easy makeover for simple storage sheds during the holiday season:

  • Create a simple Santa's workshop by adding a staked sign in front of your shed, saying "North Pole." Add some spray snow to any windows to add to the wintry theme.
  • Use strips of bright red tarpaulin to give your plain, white sheds a candy-cane touch. Secure the strips in place with double-sided utility tape, running the stripes vertically at even increments around your whole building. Passersby will be amused by the large candy-cane striped shed in your yard!
  • Invest in some conifer or evergreen boughs and decorate your shed using these fragrant branches. Use floral wire to secure smaller tips around the windows and door-frame, too; consider using single flame-less candles in any windows to create a homey glow.

Metal storage buildings are useful and durable, in most climates, weathers, and regions. These buildings can be an invaluable storage resource for your home and property, so why not give them a bit of style? Try these festive ideas to give your metal out-buildings flair and distinctive flavor, which may enhance the overall curb appeal of your entire property. 

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