Three Clues You Could Notice If Your Air Conditioner Is Failing

Even if your home's air conditioner is humming along properly, it never hurts to research an HVAC contractor in your community. Doing so means that you'll have a trusted person to quickly call if the A/C begins to experience issues. It's beneficial to learn some of the signs that your air conditioner could be facing a problem. Catching one of these signs early means that you can shut off the system, call your contractor and hopefully have the issue repaired before it worsens and costs you more money. Here are three clues to be vigilant about catching.

Unusual Sounds

Your air conditioner doesn't exactly run silently; you'll typically hear a humming or a whooshing sound when the system is in use. However, other sounds can be an indicator of a problem with the system. Be especially aware of any sounds that are sharp and loud – sounds such as banging, squeaking and grinding are each indicative of different problems that can be corrected if caught quickly. For example, a grinding sound often means that the bearings in the unit's motor are worn out and need to be replaced. Squealing, meanwhile, can suggest that there's an issue with the unit's drive belt or that some of the moving parts are in need of lubrication.

System Not Shutting Off

Your air conditioner is designed to run for a period of time until it successfully lowers the temperature in your home to the level you've set on your thermostat. The system will then shut off until the temperature rises to the point that more cool air is needed. You might notice that your air conditioner seemingly never shuts off – even if the temperature has reached the thermostat shutoff threshold. This issue can be symptomatic of a problem with the thermostat itself; failing to fix or replace this small element can cause undue wear and tear on the A/C, so make sure to have your contractor visit right away.

Air Not Cold Enough

It's possible for your air conditioner to run but not produce its usual level of cool air. If you notice that the air coming out of your floor vents is warmer than it should be, there are a few potential issues at play. A minor problem could be that the system is low on coolant, but there are other problems that the A/C could be facing. As soon as you notice that your air conditioning Kelowna Heating Service Ltd isn't working, contact an expert today!