Increasing Your Business Parking Lot's Safety

If you own your own business, and you have an asphalt parking area present on your property for your clients or customers to utilize, making sure the area is safe while they walk or drive through is very important. Doing routine maintenance as well as considering a few enhancements will keep people from becoming injured while in your lot. Here are some ways you can increase your parking lot's safety.

Tend To Damaged Portions

If you notice any spots in your asphalt lot in need of some repair, tend to it quickly so the area will continue to be safe for those using it. Fill in any holes with small pebbles or gravel pieces. Push them down into the crevice so it is compact. Cover the stones with an asphalt cement to seal the flawed area from view. Seal coating can be applied on top of the damaged areas to help keep the voids from recurring. If the damage appears extensive, call an asphalt paving company to apply new asphalt over the area.

Keep Debris From Accumulating

If debris is not picked up from your parking area regularly, it can become a hazard to others. Make sure to walk through your lot at the end of each work day to remove any garbage laying on the asphalt. This will also help keep your parking area from deteriorating as debris will collect moisture underneath it if it is left in place. This will alter the composition of the asphalt in time. If there are areas with oil or gas slicks present, pour some cat litter or sand on top of the puddles to help collect the moisture from the surface. Pressure wash the driveway to remove these pieces after the area appears dry.

Add Some Parking Spaces

If your lot does not have individual spaces marked out for your guests, consider adding them to increase the safety while in the lot. Having a designated parking area takes the guesswork out of how much room there is to effectively park a car, minimizing the chance of someone hitting another vehicle when parking. Hire a line painting service to add guidelines at appropriately spaced intervals in your lot. Placing parking bumpers at the front of each spot will help keep vehicles from rolling out of the lot onto other areas of your property. These can be constructed by a concrete contractor to place in each space as needed.

For more tips on keeping your parking lot in great shape, seek out services like asphalt paving by Rite Way Paving.